1. Get Android App

Download Android App from Google Play Store and configure it. Stop on last screen with code.

2. Get Chrome Extension

Install Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store, then click on Krome icon.

3. Enter code

Enter code from Android App to text box in Chrome Extension page and click Sign In!


"Missing Android device"

Android device could not register on our servers. Restart app on Android and try again. If you can not pair Krome after few tries, then check your network or write email to us.

"Notifications do not appear on my computer"

Depending on your Chrome version and operating system, notifications can be disabled. To check if everything is enabled, go to chrome and type "chrome://flags" in adress bar, then find and turn on options "Google Now", "Rich notifications" and "Sync notifications".

"I don't see all characters, sometimes I see random symbols"

This is common issue with encoding. Because it is in beta stage, encryption may not work properly. Turn that option off to see correct characters. Keep in mind that I am working on it and if you see any issues, you can contact me.

"I see random numbers, not notifications"

Go to settings in both app and extension and set (or turn off) encryption.